We live in a world of uncertainty. Our businesses need to survive in today's tumultuous environments. Accidents, mistakes, natural disasters, hardware failures and increasing levels of hacking make it necessary for us to protect our data wherever it's located-laptops, desktops, workstations, network servers or RAID devices. 
Fundamentally different, both backup and archive of data are extremely important to today's business survival. Backup is a copy of data in case the original is damaged, whereas archive is data stored for historical purposes. The solutions used to perform either vary by the needs of the application: 
  • Disk technology offers fast backups and quick restores that match the performance levels of today's computers. Disk also offers the ability to quickly find and restore specific files and directories. On the downside, disk is not a complete backup solution, doesn't lend itself well to archiving data and simply costs more than tape.
  • Tape is both ideal as a backup medium as well as an archival storage medium because you can store high volumes of information-long term-for a relatively low cost. You can even store cartridges off site for enhanced data security.
Tandberg Data offers a wide range of data protection solutions that can be mixed and matched according to your business needs.
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Tech Data Key Facts

  • 43 years in IT distribution
  • $26.2 billion in sales for fiscal 2017
  • Publicly Traded (NasdaqGS: TECD)
  • Ranked No. 107 on the FORTUNE 500
  • 115,000+ IT reseller customers
  • 150,000+ IT products sold
  • Operations in 40+ countries
  • 100+ countries served
  • 14,000+ employees worldwide
  • Named one of FORTUNE's "World's Most Admired Companies"


Why Choose Tech Data?

  • Tech Data is an efficient and cost-effective sales and marketing channel helping suppliers reach a broad base of customers
  • Tech Data’s state-of-the-art logistics system manage a high volume of transactions and complex information flows to ensure accurate and timely product delivery
  • Tech Data's supply chain management solutions reduce customers' working capital and inventory risk
  • Tech Data’s value-added solutions for design chain management help customers reduce cycle time and lower costs
  • Tech Data’s experienced technical customer support teams ensure the highest quality solutions and product are utilized by the customer