Increasing security risks can yield real rewards for partners who are positioned to help customers combat this expanding array of IT challenges.

Over the next four years security spending is expected to grow at double-digit rates, reaching $82 billion by 2012.* But securing your share of this opportunity will require an ability to provide customers with targeted strategies and solutions that prevent, as well as respond to, infrastructure vulnerabilities and threats. Tech data SecurePathTM offers a proven and coordinated solution approach that equips you with the knowledge, resources, support and leading-edge technology you need to get ahead-and stay ahead-in this high-stakes space.
* Source: IDC

The Opportunity: Preventative Security Solutions
In technology, change is the one true constant. And with every new IT development comes new security challenges and concerns. Enterprises today must not only secure against risks stemming from catastrophic occurrences and outside entities, but also from vulnerabilities created by in-house workforce trends and technologies, such as the growing use of online networking sites and web-based applications. These issues are compounded by shrinking IT staffs and budgets, as well as more stringent regulations and compliance requirements.

The net effect of all of these factors is that customers want partners who are able to deliver the next generation of security solutions-today. Instead of relying on strategies and technologies designed to react to security breaches, businesses want solutions that prevent them from ever occurring. As important, they want strategic advisors who understand their business, their challenges and their growing need for technology that is ahead of the curve in terms of performance, reliability, cost savings and manageability.

The Solution: Tech Data SecurePathTM
Tech Data SecurePath is a progressive and proactive solution approach that is designed to support, accelerate and grow your success in today's dynamic security market. Whether you are just starting out or seeking to take your business to the next level, SecurePath will enable you to quickly gain industry-specific expertise, access a range of high-impact tools and resources and provide cross-supplier solutions that address customers' top security goals including:
» Regulatory compliance
» Reduction of IT risks
» Infrastructure security and data safety


Tech Data Key Facts

  • 43 years in IT distribution
  • $26.2 billion in sales for fiscal 2017
  • Publicly Traded (NasdaqGS: TECD)
  • Ranked No. 107 on the FORTUNE 500
  • 115,000+ IT reseller customers
  • 150,000+ IT products sold
  • Operations in 40+ countries
  • 100+ countries served
  • 14,000+ employees worldwide
  • Named one of FORTUNE's "World's Most Admired Companies"


Why Choose Tech Data?

  • Tech Data is an efficient and cost-effective sales and marketing channel helping suppliers reach a broad base of customers
  • Tech Data’s state-of-the-art logistics system manage a high volume of transactions and complex information flows to ensure accurate and timely product delivery
  • Tech Data's supply chain management solutions reduce customers' working capital and inventory risk
  • Tech Data’s value-added solutions for design chain management help customers reduce cycle time and lower costs
  • Tech Data’s experienced technical customer support teams ensure the highest quality solutions and product are utilized by the customer